NAB to remove over 100 customer fees

National Australia Bank (NAB) today announced plans to scrap more than 100 fees from across its products and services.

Who Offers Samsung Pay in Australia?

Regardless of whether you think the smartphone has changed the world for better or for worse, there’s no denying it has its uses. You can use it to open and close various apps while you’re bored, and you can use them to avoid making eye contact with strangers on the bus.

LatitudePay launches to customers

The newest buy-now, pay-later platform called LatitudePay has launched, the latest in a crowded field of AfterPay competitors.

Who Offers Apple Pay in Australia?

The invention of the smartphone has lead to many problems in our modern society, like the ability to create an Instagram account for your dog that isn’t as cute as you think it is. But one positive of the smartphone era is the ability to make instant contactless payments without needing to dig out your credit card.