fixed rate cuts citi hsbc

Citi, HSBC and Pacific Mortgage Group cut fixed home loan rates

More lenders have cut fixed home loan rates below 3.00% p.a. – enticing borrowers to lock in their interest rates.

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Bank CEO hits back at Treasurer for ‘bank bashing’

MyState’s CEO said the government’s criticism failed to recognise banks needed to balance competing interests.

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first home loan deposit scheme

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme gets the green light

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme has been passed in Parliament this week but questions remain as to how effective it will be.

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One in five Aussies would rather give up social media for a month than enter the housing market

Buying a home is so stressful, more than half of us would rather just avoid it altogether.

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reserve bank australia

Reserve Bank minutes reveal decision to cut rates was deeply debated, with concerns low rates could backfire

The Reserve Bank is aware low rates may backfire but leaves the possibility of future cuts open.

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up bank transferwise

Up Bank and Transferwise announce partnership set to make sending money overseas cheaper

What do you get when you combine two fintechs? A pretty cool collab.

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graeme samuel

Former ACCC Chair urges borrowers to consider non-bank lenders in wake of calls for inquiry in mortgage pricing

“If you can get a lower rate from borrowing from a non-bank financial institution, why wouldn’t you do it?”

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withdraw super early

Can I withdraw my super early to pay off debt?

If you’re in deep financial strife, can you access your nest egg to dig yourself out of trouble?

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millennial home owner

69% of millennial homeowners only took five years to save for house deposit: ING

Don’t think you’ll ever be able to save enough for a deposit? Think again.

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reverse mortgage

How do reverse mortgages work?

Imagine a home loan that gives you money and doesn’t require immediate repayments. Too good to be true?

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