House price falls slowing as listings drop

House price falls came to a crashing halt last week, suggesting market stabilisation may be on the way.

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A third of Australians would trust a robot to handle their finances, research reveals

Robots are now more trusted than people when it comes to giving out financial advice.

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worried about future

Millennials: more money savvy but apprehensive about financial future

They’re financially woke, but millennials aren’t feeling confident about the future of their finances.

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Remaining majors join fixed-rate cut trend

NAB and Virgin Money are the latest in a long line of lenders to cut their home loan interest rates.

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woman confused

Majority of borrowers don’t understand home loan concepts

Despite planning to spend most of their life savings on a property, most Aussie home buyers are in the dark on home loans.

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australia travel

Australians spending more on domestic travel

Despite Federal election uncertainty and housing price falls, Aussies are opening their wallets and spending up big on domestic travel.

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man stressed suit

Real unemployment figure jumps to 10.9%

With unemployment figures rising to 10.9%, is a cash rate cut imminent?

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sydney australia

Sydney housing affordability is up more than anywhere

It’s good news for Sydney with housing affordability improving – but buying may not be the best investment.

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sydney australia

RBA warns falling house prices could tip property owners into negative equity

Further housing price falls, rising unemployment levels and household debt could tip borrowers into negative equity.

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home loan

How to improve your chances of getting a home loan

All those Afterpay purchases could be hindering your chances of getting a home loan.

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