September 23, 2018

Top 8 Things People Do When They Retire

Run into retirement with some of these ideas of things to do when you stop working in Australia.

Retirement isn’t the end, but only the beginning.

Retirement is your time to enjoy life and put energy into things you love. If you’re struggling to think of things to do that is normal.  To help here’s a list of the top 8 things people do when they retire:

Go on a holiday

Whether it’s a cruise, ski trip, winery tour, caravanning holiday, or backpacking through Asia, retirees love to travel. Now that you’re not bound to the work schedule, why not make the most of the great off-peak deals that come up.

Buy something

Making a big purchase is common during early retirement. Don’t go over the top and use up all the wealth you have accumulated over a lifetime. But, it’s generally better to do big spends early when you have lots of time to enjoy it.

Get a job

Yep, start working again! For some, retirement isn’t about ‘not working, but ‘not working for income’. Maybe you want to do something fun and different, transfer your knowledge to the next generation, or just hang out with people. Whatever the reason, going back to work on your terms is an option.

Join a group

Without the ready-made social interaction of the workplace, retires look elsewhere for the same sense of belonging. There no shortage of groups with all sorts of causes, aims or interests to join. There is literally something for everyone.

Start an old hobby

Getting back into an old hobby is a bit like catching back up with an old friend, and why it’s a popular activity during retirement. Hobbies don’t have to be new and edgy, focus on what you find enjoyable and rewarding, even if this is an old hobby.


Sick of the cold winters or busy city traffic? Now’s the time to move somewhere you want to be not where your work is located. You will be part of a growing number of retirees who choose to live where they want, not where a job is.

Commit more time to relationships

Retirement gives you time to put more effort into personal relationships; both family and friends. Doing so will help maintain meaningful social interaction.

Plan for the future

Retirement isn’t the end, but only the beginning. Like any other stage in life, some setting some goals and have a plan is critical. Why not use your retirement to achieve something great?

If you’re coming up to retirement age, use some of these ideas or use a superannuation calculator to get yourself thinking about how you will spend your retirement in Australia.

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