Average petrol price hits 4-month high

The national average price of unleaded petrol in Australia rose 9.1 cents last week to hit 143.7 cents a litre, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum.

Intention to purchase new cars declines

The number of Australians looking to purchase a new vehicle in the next four years has hit the lowest level since 2014, according to Roy Morgan Research.

New vehicles sales fall again in February

After falling in January, the latest new car sales figures show more of the same for February 2019, with sales declining by 9.3%

Uber to bring tipping to Australia

Ride-sharing giant Uber has introduced a new feature in its Australian app that lets riders ‘add a tip’ – and it hasn’t gone down particularly well.

Car loan arrears on the rise

The proportion of Westpac car loans in arrears has risen, according to Deutsche Bank, which can pose a risk for investors, customers and the bank itself.

Airport parking costs fall up to 22%

A new report by the ACCC has found the cost of parking in some of Australia’s biggest airports has declined.