How to Use a Household Budget Planner to Build a Budget

It can be tough living on a small income. According to the Survey of Income and Housing, the average household income in Australia in 2013-14 was $998 per week, but many have less to live on. If your household struggles to stay within budget, and if you want to save money, there are a few  household tips we have for you. One way is to download or use an online budget planner or budget calculator.

Using a household budget planner or a household budget calculator is a great way to understand your finances. A budget planner is a spread sheet template that can be opened on your own computer and fill out. Each area of your household expenses has its own field such as transportation, housing, utilities and groceries. A budget planner makes it easy for you to see where your money goes and helps you avoid overlooking grey areas of spending.

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Steps to Create Your Household Budget Plan

There are people who enjoy creating household budgets in Australia. They are eager to...

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5 Hacks to Save Money on Beauty Products

With the wide range of beauty products in Australia being used by many on...

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Save Money on Your Wedding Shoes

We all know that there are so many elements of a wedding in Australia...

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Do Rechargeable Batteries Really Save You Money?

A lot of people in Australia perceive that rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective than...

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How to Create a Wedding Budget

A wedding can be a costly affair in Australia. From the gown and flowers,...

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4 Grocery Shopping Tips when on Holiday

Taking family vacations in Australia is a great way to bond and have fun...

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5 Reasons a Secondhand Wedding Dress will Save You Money

A wedding dress is the centerpiece of every wedding, but this piece of clothing...

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How to Save Money on the Gym by Using Youtube to Exercise

YouTube is a great place to find challenging exercise classes. Just mind you don’t...

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5 Ways to Save Money on Books and eBooks

Reading is a great activity for people of all ages in Australia. Some prefer...

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Top Water Saving Devices to Save You Money on Your Water Bill

A household in Australia consumes about 900 litres of water, an average of 340...

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