September 18, 2018

How to manage your finances through apps

Technology has drastically changed how we live our lives. We can now easily do things with just a touch of a finger thanks to the little gadget we carry around in our pockets. It has changed how we communicate, shop, travel, look for jobs and apartments, and so much more. Of course, managing our personal finances and banking is no exception.

Using a money management app makes budget planning a lot simpler. You know where your money is going, it keeps track of your spending patterns, and it can even help you achieve your financial goals. While money management apps are great tools to take control of your personal finances, they are certainly not created equal.

In this article, we take a look at different money apps that are worth downloading.

Money Lover

The Money Lover app can track all of your expenses, income, debts, bills, and payments. It lets you input every transaction you make and add details such as category, location, pictures of your purchase or receipt, and notes. You can even see a pie chart of your expenditures and see what category you spend the most on.

Favourite feature: It has a travel mode feature you can turn on when you’re travelling. This lets you better manage and budget for your travel expenses.

Availability: Android and Apple


The “envelop” system is a famous budgeting strategy. The Mvelopes app offers a digital way to organise your finances through the envelope system. It lets you divide your bills into separate envelopes such as groceries, utilities, dining out, and more.

Favourite feature: This app lets you import cheque, savings and credit card accounts so you can better track all your activities within one single app.

Availability: Android and Apple

Bill Watch

If you’re goal is to organise all your bills, then Bill Watch is the perfect money app for iOS users. This basically lets you track and manage all sorts of bills. You can input the bill amount, the status, and even set a reminder, so you will never miss paying a bill again.

Favourite feature: The bills report includes features such as bills trend, bills by category, bills by payee/payer and bills by payment amount.

Availability: Apple


Unlike other money management apps, You Need A Budget or YNAB focuses on where you want/should spend your money. With the simple interface, you can easily keep track of your expenditures and see whether or not you’re staying within your budget.

Favourite feature: You can set and track financial goals so you can reach them faster.

Availability: Android and Apple

Money management apps can truly make your life easier and help put your finances in better order.

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