September 21, 2018

Buying Secondhand Furniture from Op Shops

Whether you’re looking for furniture to furnish your new home or replace your old pieces to give your home a different look, many people prefer to buy at op shops instead of in popular retail shops and malls. Why? Op shops offer cheap furniture that’s of good quality. You’ll find a lot of budget furniture and vintage pieces that you can use for your home.  These include dining room tables, chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, closets, bedframes, and home decorations such as rugs, lamps, and couch pillows.

Buy only what you need

Seeing cheap furniture does not mean buying everything you want, and just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s a bargain.

People find charm and beauty in vintage secondhand items, plus you can save a lot of money. If you’re planning to buy secondhand furniture, here are several things that you may want to consider:

Decide on a budget and stick to it

Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket or looking at furniture at the mall, it is important to know how much you can afford and stick to it. The same goes for op shops. It’s very easy to get caught up with shopping especially if you find a lot of things that you like. Keep your budget in mind to avoid overspending.

Have a plan

Seeing cheap furniture does not mean buying everything you want, and just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s a bargain.  Have a theme or style in mind and look for pieces that will suit your requirements.

Be prepared

Once you decide on the theme or style, bring a measuring tape, screenshots of your rooms, colour swatches, and other things that will help you make better furniture choices.

Visit op shops frequently

Part of the fun of furniture shopping is going to your favourite op shop regularly and looking for pieces that you really love.  Take your time. You may go home empty-handed in some days, but there are op shop trips where you’ll be able to buy a lot of what you need.

Try it out

Just like when buying shoes and clothes, make sure to examine the budget furniture before buying it. Secondhand furniture may have little broken pieces, or the upholstery needs some sewing work. Whatever it is, take a good look at the pieces that you want to ensure that they’re all in good working condition.

Buying secondhand furniture in op shops is a great way to furnish your home without spending a lot. Keep these simple tips in mind and happy shopping!

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