September 21, 2018

Save Money on Furniture While Shifting to New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure as it signals new beginnings, new friends, and even new work or school. While it is an important stage in your life, it can also be overwhelming and expensive. It’s not as easy as packing your furniture and transporting them to your new place. There are other things to consider – and these things usually cost money.

But don’t worry. Moving doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are ways to cut costs and move without too much hassle. Here are some furniture removal tips to save money:

  • Plan your move.

    It pays to think about moving early so you can prepare everything , from the target date and budget, to getting a removalist and organising your stuff. Without planning, you can end up scrambling on the actual moving day and spending a lot more than you should.

  • Book a removalist early.

    When it comes to the moving date, one of the simplest furniture removal tips to save money is to book a removal company early so you have a higher chance of paying a lower rate. Also, be flexible with the date, as booking a removal company during peak times such as weekends, summer months, and bank holidays may incur a premium.
    Not getting a removalist may seem like you’re saving money but in reality, this can lead to additional expenses due to damaged,cheap furniture and/or broken or lost items. The key is to compare quotes from several companies and choose the one with the best offer.

  • Do the packing and unpacking yourself.

    Weeks before your target moving day, buy affordable packing supplies and collect large boxes from your office or your neighbours and friends. Some of your items can be packed in garbage bags. This will enable you to skip getting the packing service, which comes with a price, and at the same time, you can throw away items that are no longer needed. The fewer things to move, the lower the cost of moving.

  • Help in the moving process.

    Availing the services of a removal company does not mean that they will do all the work. Remove boxes and any clutter from access points so people can move around the house quickly. Another furniture removal tip is to dismantle your own furniture and stack them outside so the movers can quickly transfer them.
    Removalists move things in a certain order – you can assist by labeling boxes correctly and carrying lighter items near the truck for easy loading. If the removal company charges by the hour, you can save a lot by keeping your things organised for a quicker moving process.

Got other tips? Share some of your furniture removal ways in the comments section below.

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