October 20, 2018

How to Save Money on Interior Design

Considering the interior design of your new home is exciting and fun, whether you’ve bought a home or are renting. However, painting, buying flooring and lighting and furnishing your home can be a scarily expensive exercise before you even think about renovating the kitchen and bathroom.

Here are just a few clever and creative ideas to save money on interior design and create a home on a budget with cheap furniture you’ll love.

  1. Flooring

    Replacing flooring can be the biggest interior design expense of all so consider ways to cover up less than desirable flooring rather than replacing it. One inexpensive but functional and funky option is to use recycled plastic mats.
    These come in a range of colours and designs, can be used indoors or out, are easy to clean and durable and are also an environmentally sustainable option. Take a look online at sites like Fabhabitat, Razzamattazz and Recycledmats to check out a range of designs, shapes and sizes. A round mat would also make a fabulous inexpensive artwork over a bed or fireplace.

  2. Window coverings

    Custom-made curtains and blinds can be extremely expensive so what are the options to replace daggy old window coverings on a budget? One attractive yet inexpensive option is ready-made bamboo blinds. Bunnings, for example, have a smart range of bamboo matchstick blinds priced from $17.
    Other options are readymade curtains from stores such as Spotlight. Or create your own readymade curtains using curtain rings with little clip hooks attached (available from Spotlight and IKEA) and simply hooking up good quality cotton tablecloths that are the right length for your window.

  3. Lighting

    Updating the lighting can instantly transform a home but fabulous light fixtures can cost many hundreds of dollars. One cheap and effective option for hanging light fittings is to replace old-fashioned shades with collapsible rice paper lanterns. You can buy these online for as little as $1.50 and they come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. You’ll find a fab range of patterned lanterns at Lanternshop, plus some super cute animal designs for kid’s rooms.
    IKEA is always a great source for inexpensive lighting ideas so be sure to check out their latest range for ideas.
    Check out local garage sales and tip shops as well – you might find some amazing old light fixtures that could be transformed with a quick spray paint in a brushed aluminium finish.

  4. Get creative

    Scour online for creative DIY design ideas. Transform old furniture with chalk paint or spray paint. Create your own artworks by downloading free images from sites like Pixabay and getting them printed onto canvas. Brighten up old kitchen cupboards with specialised laminate paint and replace old handles to give your kitchen a lift. There are a world of ideas out there to copy and make your own!

Interior design on a budget takes time and creativity but use these money-saving tips for interior design to set yourself on the path to creating a home you’ll love that won’t break the bank.

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