September 23, 2018

Cooking your Weekly Dinners in Bulk to Save Money

Whether you live alone or with a family, food accounts for a large chunk of the household budget every week, and a lot of people have their own ways to cut grocery shopping costs in Australia. Some are simple enough that can be easily adapted in day-to-day activities, while others entail some planning. One of these savings tips is cooking weekly dinners in bulk.

Healthier lifestyle

It leads to healthier eating since pre-cooked meals will prevent you from eating out or ordering fast food for dinner.

Cooking meals in bulk, also referred to as batch cooking, comes with a lot of benefits. Not only is it a great way to save money on groceries, it gives you a lot more time to do other things as you significantly cut the number of hours spent in the kitchen every week. It also leads to healthier eating since pre-cooked meals will prevent you from eating out or ordering fast food for dinner.

So how can cooking weekly dinners in bulk help in your goal of saving money on food? Here are some simple tips for cooking meals in bulk:

  • Plan your meals for the week. Meal planning is very important if you want to save money on food. By knowing what you want to eat for the entire week, you will be able to create your grocery shopping list and buy only what you need. It saves time and money, and reduces food wastage.
  • Cook ingredients in bulk. You can cook main components of your meals ahead of time so preparing dinner throughout the week will take less time. You can roast a whole chicken on a Sunday and divide the pieces into small portions that can be used in a lot of dishes, from pasta and chicken tortilla wraps to chicken quesadilla and as part of a salad. If you bought a lot of minced meat, you can whip up easy-to-prepare meals such as meatballs, burgers, and tacos.
  • Cook freezer meals. Since you already know what you will eat for dinner for the coming week, you can already make them in advance, freeze, thaw, and reheat them every night. Just store them in zip-lock plastic bags or clear plastic containers so you will know right away what dish to get from the freezer. It helps not only in saving money on food – it also cuts the meal preparation time.  

Cooking your weekly dinners in bulk can greatly help you in saving money on groceries and sticking to your budget every week. Take time to plan your meals for the next few days and make cooking in bulk a habit – to save money on food, and save time in the kitchen.

Got other tips on how to save money on food in Australia? Share your grocery shopping ideas in the comments section below.

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