September 26, 2018

20 Cheap & Fun Things to Do on School Holidays

Whether you’re on a budget or receiving parenting payment for your kids, there’s no need to worry about how to keep children busy and productive on school holidays. Here are 20 cheap and fun things that kids can do:

#1 Plant some herbs and vegetables

Fill your garden with different herbs and veggies. If you don’t have a garden, you can use pots or recycle cans and plastic bottles to plant seeds.

#2 Go camping

If you’re on a budget, you and your kids can still go camping without leaving the house. You can set up a tent in the backyard.

#3 Watch movies at home

How about a movie night? You can borrow some movies from your local library. To recreate the cinema experience, prepare some popcorn and chips.

#4 Show some artistic and creative skills

Kids will surely have fun face painting, making beaded accessories, and other activities that will develop their artistic side. As for the materials, look for old buttons, newspapers, strings, and other craft items.

#5 Set a playdate

Keep kids entertained by inviting one or two of their friends at your home for an afternoon of games and tasty snacks.

#6 Go for a treasure hunt

Write clues and let kids look for the items that you’ve hidden around the house. Of course, there are prizes for those who would be able to look for the hidden treasures.

#7 Visit art museums

There are many galleries in Australia that you can visit free of charge. These include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and the Art Gallery of NWS.

#8 Learn origami

You can buy an origami book or better yet, just download some simple designs online. You can even ask your kids to choose whatever figure or item they want to make.

#9 Update the kids’ bedroom

Give the room an upgrade without shelling out a lot of money. Ask your kids to help in storing their toys, books, and other things in their respective shelves. You can also rearrange the furniture.

#10 Create greeting cards

Surprise grandparents and other family members with handmade cards created by the kids.

#11 Have a picnic

With just some snacks, drinks, and a blanket, you and your kids can have a budget-friendly picnic at the park.

#12 Go on a road trip

Spending time at the beach is always a good idea.

#13 Drop by a farmer’s market

Feed your kids’ curiosity about fresh produce and where certain food items come from by going to a local market.

#14 Go biking

Keep them moving by going on bike rides.

#15 Learn how to cook

Spend an afternoon with your kids as they learn a thing or two about cooking or baking.

#16 Set up a book swap party

Your kids can go to their friend’s house and take one or two books with them to swap, a great way to develop their reading skills.

#17 Go star gazing

Just put a blanket in your backyard and stare at the stars for a quiet, relaxing evening.

#18 Play board games

There are so many fun and exciting games to choose from.

#19 Organise photos

Let your kids make their own scrapbooks where they can add captions and other souvenirs.

#20 Set up a garage sale

Ask your kids to go through their stuff and see which items can be sold for a few dollars.

Do you have other ideas on fun things to do on school holidays and parenting payment? Share your tips in the comments section.

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