September 24, 2018

Five tips to Save Money when Booking a Flight

Travelling can provide you with some of life’s greatest adventures, but if you’re not careful can also cost you a small fortune. If you enjoy cheap travel,cheap holidays and are happy to organise your own activities, then flights will indefinitely be one of your biggest expenses. Here are five tips to save you money when booking flights.

Be flexible

Travel is all about being flexible, and if you want to cheapest flights you will have to be flexible with your dates and destinations. To get the cheapest available fares at any given time, you should look at flying mid week. Also, have a look at the prices for different departure and arrival cities. An easy way to do this is by using and searching ‘Everywhere’. You might find an alternate arrival destination that is convenient but much cheaper. Although, be sure to consider the full cost of additional travel, as ground transport to airports is generally expensive.

Full service comes with full cost

If you think airplane food isn’t nice and don’t use the full checked luggage allowance, then why pay for it? Book with a low cost carrier and add on extras that you actually want. To really save money on your flights though, take your own food and pack everything in carry on luggage. Most airlines will allow you to take a ‘hand bag’ or ‘laptop case’ in addition to you carry on allowance. So if you wear your heavier clothes and take a hand bag with a meal and a few small heavy items, you can fly without paying for anything other than the seat.

Don’t be loyal to an airline

If you are using a low cost carrier, then you probably won’t save money by booking a return ticket. It might be cheaper to book your return leg with a different airline, or from a different departure airport, than the one you originally travelled with.

Wait for a sale

Sign up to sale email alerts for the main airlines that service your city. Airlines offer limited, but highly discounted fares, through these emails. If you are patient and able to act quickly, it is possible to get absolute bargains by booking your flights when they are on sale.

Consider a travel agent

Travel agents do have access to discounted fares, so it may be worth checking with one. However, they are a business and exist to make money by selling your stuff, so be sure of what you want before you visit one. They also mostly deal in full service airlines, which even on sale, may not be as cheap as a low cost carrier. Do a bit of hunting around before you go to a travel agent to get a rough idea of what prices are on cheap airlines.

By using these five tips to save money when booking your flights, you will keep more cash in your pocket to enjoy when you arrive at your destination.

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