October 19, 2018

4 Reasons Why Shopping at Markets will Save You Money on Your Grocery Bill

Most of us in Australia are inclined to go to supermarkets for our weekly grocery shopping. Be it for convenience or accessibility, supermarkets are the go-to place for our basic food essentials. But it comes with disadvantages. For instance, there are a lot of marketing strategies being implemented in supermarkets that, before you know it, you have filled up your trolley with things that you don’t really need. For the money-conscious, it can be difficult sometimes to stick to your budget with all the marketing tactics employed by supermarket giants.

One great money-saving tip is to skip the supermarket and head to your local fresh food market.

So how can you save money on your grocery bill? You can cut grocery costs by simply knowing where and how to shop. One great money-saving tip is to skip the supermarket and head to your local fresh food market. Here are four reasons why shopping at markets will help you save money:

Products in local markets are usually cheaper (and fresher) than those in supermarkets

Fruits, vegetables, and other products in markets are offered at much lower prices since they incur less overhead costs and are normally grown locally. Not only are they less expensive, they are also of better quality.

You can negotiate on price in markets

For those who are on a budget, negotiating is the name of the game, especially if you can buy in bulk. In general, you are usually dealing with the vendor directly and sometimes can negotiate when buying various produce and items in markets. You can save a lot of money just by asking about the lowest price the vendor can offer for some products. Just be friendly and not too aggressive.

Local markets have less options

This may be the case, but you’ll find that markets usually have everything you need as far as fresh produce and other grocery items are concerned. In supermarkets where there are a lot of options and marketing tactics, it’s very easy to overspend on things that you don’t really need. With local markets, you can be sure that you will buy only the things that you need, enabling you to save money and avoid food wastage.

Markets can be social as well

Organise to meet your friends at the market and grab a coffee when you are there! Usually at markets these days, there is a lineup of quality coffee vans and food vans so you can make the trip to the markets an outing for the entire family. If you meet your friends there too, it can be a good excuse for a catch-up while you shop! Usually the atmosphere is a lot nicer than your local Coles or Woolworths!

Saving money when grocery shopping does not have to be difficult. One of the things that you can do is to visit your local markets and buy most of your grocery items such as fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, eggs, and root crops. In this way, you can save money on your grocery bill and at the same time, make healthier food choices and help local farmers and vendors.

Do you know other easy ways to save money when grocery shopping? You can share your money saving ideas in the comments section below.

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