October 17, 2018

Top 5 Shopping Apps that Help You Save Money

Shopping is a regular chore in any household, especially grocery shopping. Few people look forward to it, probably because it can stressful, with so many items to buy and brands to choose from. It can also be time-consuming, and a challenge especially for those who are shopping on a budget. But there are many ways to make life easier. One of the common shopping tips you’ll hear is to use shopping apps.

In this digital age, it’s not surprising to find out that there are shopping apps designed to make shopping much more convenient. These apps help you find great deals, organise your shopping list so you don’t miss anything and save money by avoiding impulse purchases. Also, several shopping apps are free of charge!

Here are some shopping apps that can help you save money:

Coles App

If Coles is your go-to store, you might as well download the Coles App. Items are sorted by aisle automatically, and with access to over 100,000 products, you can choose and add items to the list. You can view the weekly specials and if these are not enough, just enter your Flybuys card number to see more specials. Also, if you want to try out recipes from celebrity chef Curtis Stone, this app is worth considering.

Woolworths App

Woolworths app gives you access to thousands of Woolworths products and lets you add items to the list. Aside from the weekly specials, you can see a list of fruits and vegetables that are in season. You can also add recipes to your shopping list and use the store locator feature to find out more about the nearest Woolworths store. The app likewise allows you to compare local fuel prices at Caltex Woolworths.


This free shopping app comes with numerous cash back options. When you’re shopping, just use PricePal and check what you can get back from a purchase. With this feature, you can easily compare the amount and save money in the process. Of course, the more you use the app, the higher your discounts or cash back offers will be.

Grocery IQ

Looking for coupons? Look no further than the Grocery IQ app. It lets you search coupons of different items, enabling you to save money. It also comes with voice recognition and a barcode scanner.


This shopping app has a store locator feature that tells you the opening hours of the nearest ALDI store. It also enables you to create reminders to purchase specific items on specific days. It likewise provides access to the weekly Special Buys.

Using a shopping app can surely change the way you see shopping. See what apps are available and download the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Do you have other ideas when it comes to shopping on a budget? Share your shopping tips in the comments section.

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