October 17, 2018

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Switch to NBN

By 2020, the nbn™ network will be rolled out across Australia. Are you prepared for this switch in your home broadband? Many may still be unaware about how this will work and how it will affect them, so it’s important to do some research on how to switch to this new network. By understanding what it entails, you can set your expectations and make the necessary changes.

What is NBN?

NBN or National Broadband Network is a high speed broadband network that's being rolled out by the Australian Government.

Let’s take a look at things to consider when it comes to switching to the nbn™ network:

  • There are areas that are already connected to the nbn™ network. Make sure to check if your area has already been connected. If it’s not yet available, there is a website where you can register to receive an email once the connection becomes available in your community.
  • The nbn™ network is not a provider of broadband plans to customers. Once your area is connected to the network, inform your retail service provider. They will tell you the different speed and costs of their internet deals depending on your location. Also, while the network can support most devices, it is still better to check with your provider if your devices will work after the switch. Your provider will likewise tell you how to connect to their nbn™ broadband service.
  • You will need certain equipment to connect to the nbn™ network. Bear in mind that it varies depending on the connection that is suitable for you and is available in the area. It can be wired, wireless or satellite.
  • After finding out the necessary technology, inform your provider. The switch can be done with the help of a technician. In cases wherein you need a medical alarm and phone at all times, you may get free installation to the network. This ensures that you’ll be connected immediately.

Take note that while some areas will be disconnected from the existing copper network, you don’t have to worry since the switch to the nbn™ network will occur gradually. Besides, it’s your retail service operator who will set up the connection for you. Just make sure to coordinate with your provider.

Do you have other ideas when it comes to home broadband plans? You can share your insights in the comments section.

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