September 20, 2018

Here is How Savings Experts Doing their Holiday Shopping

If you want to shop like a pro this holiday season, then here are eight special Christmas tips for you.

Lists aren’t only for Santa

Writing down everyone you intend to buy something for and how much you are willing to spend. Ideally, this should be the amount you allocated to ‘Christmas Shopping’ or ‘Gifts’ on your savings plan. Having a list and budget helps you stay in control and not make impulsive purchases that are beyond what you can afford.

Shop early

Just because you are shopping for Christmas doesn’t mean you need to shop at Christmas time. In fact, if you have a good idea of what you will get someone early in the year, get it next time it is on sale.

Know the price

Use a price comparison app or website to check the best available price for everything you buy. The best apps will also tell you how much the item sells for on sale which is an invaluable haggling tool.


Haggling isn’t only for markets in Thailand; it is perfectly acceptable to haggle on more expensive items. If you have checked the price online and know how low it can go, ask for the price to be reduced to around this price. You should be able to get something if you are confident and genuine.

Shop online

Shopping online can be cheaper for various reasons, just be careful not to buy more than you originally intended. Like actually shops, online stores are cleverly designed to entice you into spending more money. ‘Other customers bought this item with…’, is really the online way of saying: ‘Would you like fries with that?’.

Follow your favourites

If you want to get something from a specific store, then sign up for their newsletter or follow them on social media. They will undoubtedly have a Christmas code or special, exclusively for members or followers.

Shop in a hurry!

If you are shopping the old fashion way, then try to get in and out in a hurry. Going to the shops can be a stressful experience, it also leaves you venerable to impulse spending. To avoid the crowds and the temptation of impulse spending, go when you have very little time, such as just before closing time.

Make it special

Christmas should be more about the giving and less about the spending. Think about DIYing a present or two. Maybe it’s making a photo book, knitting a beanie or constructing a laptop stand. If you have a skill, then try using it before you use your money.

Following these tips should help you saving more this holiday season and have you end the year on a positive financial note.

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