Why You Should Pay Attention to Hipsters Before Investing in Real Estate

Real estate in Australia isn’t immune to the trendsetting abilities of hippies and hipsters. They can change the perception of a suburb from ‘dirty, down and low growth’ to ‘Edgy, cool, and with a price heading to the stratosphere’.

Hippies and hipsters are all about not following the crowd, forgoing group approval to live by their personal values.

Taste are always evolving.

I couldn’t have imaged my grandmother eating anything that was Japanese, and my parents wouldn’t have touch raw fish or seaweed when they were growing up.

But if you were to look in the food court of any suburb shopping centre you’ll see people eating Sushi like it was, well… a burger with fries.

Each generation has its different goals, aspirations and needs.

But, before these changes become fully entrenched it is the hippies and hipsters who adopt them early and forge a path to mainstream acceptance.

Hippies and hipsters are all about not following the crowd, forgoing group approval to live by their personal values.

The trend hippies and hipsters driven change can also be seen in real estate. Every city has a suburb or area which you wouldn’t have dreamed of buying in until they moved in and it became cool and ‘red hot’.

As a generalisation hippies and hipsters don’t get sucked into the race to the suburbs, bigger houses, whiter fences or manicured lawns. They look for areas which are more edgy, expressive, and communal.

In an inner-city area, the difference between a ‘no way’ suburb and ‘uber cool’ is a couple of artesian bakeries, a community garden, bike parking, a yoga studio, a beard specialist barber and an alternative primary school. Redfern in Sydney is one somewhat recent example, Brisbane’s West End another.

Small country communities or beach side towns are also popular due to the ability to live an independent, ‘natural’ life; think Byron Bay, NSW or Healesville, VIC.

Once the trend setters move in and provide or demand services, these areas become quickly gentrify, and property price rise.

Now, this isn’t to say that it is only hippies or hipsters who change the shape of real estate Australia. They typically set up in areas, that have huge potential already.

Nor should you make investments, real estate or otherwise, purely on a single factor.

But before you write off areas based on your personal distaste, consider its individual merits. If the hipsters and hippies are moving in, it might be worth taking another look.

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